Aged Kimchi and Pork Belly 묵은지 삼겹살

Since we are back after a long pause of updates, this entry is to explain and emphasize one of the menus we introduced earlier in the previous blog below. The menu is called 묵은지 삼겹살 (Mook-eun-ji Sam-kyop-sal)

As you know, kimchi helps appetizing the meals and while eating with oily food such as pork belly, in this case, kimchi helps reduce the oil from the pork. However, the kimchi that are use in this menu are unique with special point, which we would like to point out to you ^^*

묵은지 (Mook-eun-ji) is known as an aged kimchi. Aged kimchi are simply kimchi that are fermented for a long period of time. Since in Korea, kimchi are widely eaten by Koreans in every meal, there is a period of time during winter that people would make kimchi. These aged kimchi are special kimchi that would get fermented throughout the winter days. All the seasonings are well absorbed into the vegetables and creates a strong taste.

Next time you think of eating pork belly, but don't forget to ask for 묵은지 :)

We're back with 3 Korean dishes!

Hello! Finally, after a long time, we are back ^^ Since it is our comeback entry, we would like to present to you three Korean menus! Some of the menus m
ight be familiar to you because they were already posted in our previous posts. However, we think it would be a good idea to once again, give an introduction to these mouth-watering dishes. So stay tune and let's explore the taste of Korea
along with us ;)

The first menu for today is called: 된장찌개 (Dwen-jang-ji-gye) Soy Bean Soup

It is a typical Korean dish, but the taste will never disappoint you in your hungry time! The ingredients for Soy Bean Soup are tofu, cucumber, spring onion, and soy bean paste. Its taste leads with a hot and spicy touch at the tip of your tongue. Followed by salty and sweet taste. It is indeed a great light choice of meal. You could simply have it with a bowl of hot steamed rice, and you are all set!

The next dish is called: 낙지소면볶음 (Nak-ji-so-myeon-bok-keum) Fried octopus with noodles

It might look very spicy in the picture above, but actually it isn't that scary. The red chili powder used in cooking doesn't bring much hot and spicy taste, just a glimpse. However, for people who are not fond of eating spicy food, there are noodles to help you get rid of the spicy flavor. The noodles itself is also a good accompaniment with the stir-fried octopus.

Last but not least, our third dish of the day: 묵은지 삼겹살 (Mook-eun-ji Sam-kyop-sal) Pork belly with aged Kimchi

As you can see, other than the pork belly, the are also kimchi being fried on the pan. This is a popular way of eating, which Koreans normally do for this menu. Kimchi helps make it more appetizing and it also helps reduces the oil from the pork while eating.

This is a picture of our table filled with yummy-looking Korean food ^-^ This was taken at a Korean Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand.

We hope you enjoy our entry for today! Please look forward to our next entries that will surely be post soon! Thanks and don't forget to try some of these menus out ;) Ciao!