Kimchi jjigae 김치찌개(Stewed kimchi)


1 cup kimchi (or from the root to the quarter kimchi),
16 oz neckpork, pork belly (or any part with fat), thin sliced
3 green onions, slice in a bias
1/2 pack dooboo (tofu), 3 go-choo (hot green chili), chopped
1.5 tbsp gochoojang (Korean chili paste)
1.5 tbsp gochoogaroo (Korean chili powder) 3 tbsp minced garlic, 1 tsp soy sauce
3 cups water, salt, pepper


How to Cook :

1. Put a pot on the stove, turn the heat on.
2. Add pork belly or neckpork fly for a few minute or so.
3. Add go-choo-jang (Korean chili paste) and cook until meat becomes white.
4. Pour the water, add kimchi.
5. Bring to a boil, reduce to simmer.
6. Add soy sauce, go-choo-ga-roo (Korean chili powder), and garlic.
7. Cook for 30 minutes.
8. Add chilies, green oinons, salt and pepper.
9. Cook for another minute.


Kimchi jjigae is The most popular stew in Korea.
When eat Kinchi jjiage make hot more delicious and Serve with rice
There are many varieties.
You can add beef, tofu, seafood, can tuna, vegetables like squash, onion, carrot, etc...
So be creative!

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