Miyeok guk 미역국 (Beef & seaweed soup)

Miyeokguk is make from dried seaweed.
Korean mothers eat Miyeokguk(미역국), seaweed soup, after giving birth. Traditionally, after giving birth, white rice and Miyeokguk were prepared and the family performed a ritual to give thanks to the goddesses for na easy delivery
and in hopes that the baby would have a long life.
Koreans maintain a tradition of eating Miyeokguk on their birthdays
throughout their whole lives because of its association
with their birth and having a long life.


20g mi yeok (dried seaweed)

100g beef

1/2 tsp soy sauce(guk-gan-jang), 1/2 tsp sesame oil, salt

Korea has two kind of soy sauce, soy sauce and guk soy sauce.
We called guk soy sauce is guk-gan-jang. Guk meaing soup, gan-jang is soy sauce.

We used to Guk-Gan-Jang when make a soup. It's a Korea traditinal soy sauce.
Guk-Gan-Jang has much more deep salty.

* You can buy dried seaweed package in Korean market.



How to Cook :

Rehydrate dried seaweed in water for 30 minutes.
Cut into 2-3 inches.
In a pot, add sesame oil, saute beef with soy sauce.
Add water and seaweed, bring to a boil.
Cover to simmer.
Cook for about 30 minutes until seaweed release the flavor and soup gets milky.




  1. 미역국은 하루이틀 정도 놔두면 더 맛나는거 사실인가요 (맞죠)? 경험담인데 ㅋㅋㅋ

  2. ㅋㅋ그래도 음식은 바로바로 해서 드셔야 제 맛이죠.
    아직도 된장찌개 한 냄비 끓여 놓고 조금씩 데워 먹는 1인이 여기 있습니다. ^^

  3. 전 바닷가 출신이라 소고기 대신 해산물(굴이나 홍합)을 넣은 미역국이 왠지 더 맛있더라구요. 아마도 음식은 습관과도 관련이 있나봅니다. 혹은 추억? 그리고 미역국은 오래 끓일수록 맛있죠?

  4. ^^저도 해산물을 좋아해서 소고기 보다 조개나 홍합 넣은 것을 더 좋아해요. ^^