Ramyon 라면 (Korean Instant Noodle)

Ramyon or Korean Instant Noodle is a very popular dish among teenagers and students. Let us have a look at the ingredients needed !
Ingredients :
1 Pack of Ramyon ( You can find it at any Korean supermarket )
2 Cups of Water
1 Egg
1 Green Onion ; Chopped
In a boiling water, add the Ramyon into it. After that, put the seasoning power, given along in the pack, into the pot. Cook for about 2 to 5 minutes. ( Or you can follow the insturctions printed on the package )
Finish with chopped green onions and an egg.
Tips :
There are many types of instant noodle. The differences are in the flavor, the noodle type, and the package.
Actually you can put in any other things other than egg such as hams and mushrooms.
However, somebody prefer original taste of Ramyon. So they just boil the noodle and add only the seasoning power.

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